Press Kit

Game Name: Mighty Spidey
Developers: Darryl James Frith
Release Date: Dec 20, 2015
Platforms: Currently on IOS (iPhone® & iPad®)

What makes your game unique?

I've not seen any other game using the method of transportation that I came up with for this game. There are other games that have tried to incorporate grappling hook like mechanics but I think I got it right with this one. There's something tremendously enjoyable in touching the screen and having the player swing off in a new direction. Also I wanted this game to be accessible to everyone. A PS4 controller has something like 32 buttons on it now it's insane. Suoer Mario used 3. This game has 1, and I really think that's it's strength not it's weakness.

What is the goal of the game.

A level ends when the captured friend is found and set free. I tried to create a wide variety of obstacles to provide a challenge in reaching that goal. But it's fun to just explore the levels and the creatures and breaking open crates and vases to find out what's inside.

How was the game in development?

That's a really difficult question to answer, because I had concept art and demo levels created as far back as 3 years ago. The game concept changed a lot from then until the final version though, and I've written it in 3 different programming languages over that span.

How did the Concept change from the original idea.

The original concept was that we used the same mechanics but that the goal was to collect these children spiders you had running around. The idea was that you could only carry one at a time. And that if you left one alone for too long it would run off and get into trouble or get killed. The problem was the size of the screen though, on a handheld device I can't show the entire level at once and without that the sense of urgency wasn't there when the children were in danger.


* Unique physics platformer for the touchscreen.
* Grappling hook like adventure.
* Incredibly simple controls.


Game Design & Artwork: Darryl James Frith
programming and UI: Darryl James Frith
Music & Sound: Kevin MacLeod -

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