If you would like to report a bug. Or details of a problem you encountered please use the contact form and include as much details as possible. Or try one of the solutions below in our FAQ section.

Did you try the following?

  • Close down the game by swiping up on the applications screen.
  • See if restarting the game fixed my problem.


While we did not encounter this issue in our testing, it is a bug that is common to physics based games. If you do encounter this issue please close the application completely by double clicking on the home button and swiping up on the application. When you restart the game you should be at the level select screen.

We purposely stranded you in this room to help teach you the second mechanic of the game. Touching the player will release his web. If you are carrying an object and you touch the player he will drop the object. If he is not carrying an object the main web will release and the player will fall.

This game was made to be challenging but be persistent. Many of the game objects change with every play. hidden items in vases and crates that hurt the player on one turn may be something that gives him extra powers on another. The difficulty of each level varies on every play.

Sorry, ee warned you twice. You'll have to start over. But the good news is you have that awesome new character to play as now! Isn't he adorable?

Yes!. I love getting positive feedback on my games. If you enjoyed this game and want to let me know use the contact form or send me a note on twitter @DarrylFrith. If you did not enjoy this game, please keep it to yourself. Just kidding!, If you have thoughts on how I could have made this game better I'd love to hear those too.